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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Life is a Rollercoaster, just gotta ride it!

So I guess my blog titles will all be linked to songs!

I've been back in the Dominican for 5 days now, spent 2 days in the village, a day unpacking and food buying, had some meetings with people, caught up with some friends, and had Sunday!

I found it hard in the village this time around - its really hard for me to always be thinking with a long term perspective - how do we really help people who are living in poverty. When that is an abstract question it might be easier to answer than when you are talking about your actual daily life. Tomorrow morning when I go to Esperanza, how do I help my FRIENDS there who are living in POVERTY? What can I offer them or do for them and with them, to help and empower them to change their futures... that is the challenge, and it happens every single day here.

Im trying hard to think with my head, not just act with my heart - but I certainly dont always succeed. It's hard to not give a loan to someone when they ask for it, but when you know they have no possible way of repaying it, and they already owe you a loan...what would Jesus Do? What is the right thing to do? Its a toughie!!

I listen to other missionary type friends discussing these things, talking about what they think is best, about real development work and sustainable projects and things like that. Sometimes I just feel so out of my depth and overwhelmed! But then other days I feel like I am part of something so much bigger that really is making a difference here - the thing that I have been reminded of this weekend though is that God is with me. God says we shoudl ask for wisdom and He will give us it, and that is what Im doing. I know I dont have the answers, I know that God does. Im trying to walk in faithful obedience to Him and to His call on my life.

This all sounds like Im being negative, Im not- its good and helpful to think!!

Today I wore a new white t shirt to church - its nice to have new clothes (post England trip!!). I was carrying my friends baby up the path to church, turned around to wait for my friends to catch me up and.... SPLAT. A MASSIVE bird Poo - landed right on my shoulder, making my lovely new white shirt now a Two Tone shirt, with a massive, obvious and gloopy poo on me.... great start hey!!

I guess you just gotta laugh ;)

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