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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Diary of a Delirious diva...!!

I was eating breakfast, sitting on the sofa, when I noticed what appeared to be a large potato on the floor. ‘That’s odd’ I thought, ‘I cook at the other end of the room, and I don’t even have any potatoes….’  There was no (logical) way that this could be a potato. Further investigation was clearly required. Now, if I was a married type I would definitely declare this a Man’s Job, to investigate UO’s (Unidentified Objects), but alas, as a Single this too is my job. If I had confirmation that this was a snake, rodent or other large monstrous critter than I would declare this a Grounds Man’s job/Office worker/Security Guard/ANYONE BUT ME job. But the potential potato really wasn’t appearing that threatening.

I advanced, feet clad securely in uber-safe Flip Flops, armed with a long Poking Stick (aka a coat hanger). I tentatively prodded the ‘Potato’ and retracted to watch for results. The ‘Potato’ responded by sticking out its tongue. Interesting. Potatoes don’t usually have tongues.

I retreated to a safe distance to contemplate and consider my various  options.  Deciding that, with only 5 minutes until I had to leave for work, time was of the essence, action was needed…I gathered the necessary equipment -  an empty, flattened cereal box and a large Tupperware container.  I poked with the box and the Potato Leapt into the air. It transpired the Potato was indeed a rather large and disgruntled frog!!

So, armed with this knowledge, I proceeded to Man Up to the task, and emitting only one small squeal of distress, I ushered the Gigantic Frog Monster into the Tupperware and out to the balcony. Gently putting the container on the floor I backed away with hands held up in a gesture of peace. Then, safely inside, I slid shut the glass door and heaved a sigh of relief. My work here was done; with seconds to spare I scampered from the Frog Free apartment and off to Esperanza for the day. Ahhhh,

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    Also, you failed to mention how, although your plane may have been to free the frog from your balcony to a place it could survive and thrive later, leaving a frog stuck on a balcony in the boiling Dominican sun all day may have some TERRIBLE consequence!!! ;-P Hahaha!!! :-D