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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tree Frog Tragedy

Hello dear Blog fiends!!
Well, its Saturday morning and its HOT and Im still in my PJ's at 10:30am! Yep, Im having a lazy Saturday! The sad thing is that you cant stay lazy for too long because just sitting still you end up sweaty and smelly! Nice hey....

Today Im heading to the beach with a friend and her family who are here visiting. We are taking 6 kids from one of the villages with us too, so who knows what might happen! The kids get pretty excited about swimming in the sea - which is a bit of a concern as that excitment isnt always matched with I guess we will all be swimming...! Excellent, no need to shower before i go then!!

I had a sad experience this week, boo... you may remember reading my post awhile ago about the potato frog? Well, this too involved frogs... I have a friendly tree frog, called Henry, who likes to hang out on the balcony at night with me and keep me company. We have a little chat about the day and just enjoy being together. Well.... I got up the other morning and there was something on the floor by the bathroom door... I put on my glasses and discovered that it was Henry - with one leg squished! Tragedy of tragedies, he looked like he was dead. Now, I have learnt from the past frog experience and so I assumed nothing - and got a piece of paper to probe him with. I probed and he didnt move, so I decided he was indeed deceased. I went to pick him up and he jumped!! I let out a startled shriek and then went to find a container to move him in. I put him outside, so that he could go back to his usual home on the balcony. I went to work.... I came home from work and he was missing. I havent seen him since. That was on Tuesday. I feel very sad that my friend has gone. I just hope that he has moved on and found a new play mate to hang out with at night and discuss the day... I cant bear the thought that he is no more ;(

And in serious news.... This last month has been a bit of a strange one really! Ive moved house again, but havent really unpacked yet so Im not really feeling very settled here. There have been a few problems with housing recently and its left me a little unsettled in general - so Im not sure if Im going to stay in this apartment or move out again.... having a choice is an amazing blessing but also means Im not quite sure what the best choice is...!!
Ive had a problem with my back, which is now all better, but for a while I thought I had been bitten by a deadly spider - even though there arent any here- as my whole leg went numb for about 3 weeks! After a hospital trip, x rays and MRI it turned out I had herniated a disc in my back. I bonded on a whole new level with my friend Megan as she then had to inject my behind every night for 5 nights.... we had to google how to do an injection, which was quite fun. Healthcare here is just a little different hey!! Anyway, my back is fine now and my leg is too ;) horrah ;)

Then I got strep throat,,, which was pretty painful, but Im pretty much over that now too! Everything seemed to happen at once, but thats good because I didnt have a team in adn could take a few days off to get better ;)

Lessons learnt this month -
Tree frogs belong outside! If Henry hadnt been trying to use the bathroom inside his leg would never of been crushed.
Im getting old and can no longer lift 94lb bags of cement without damaging myself
Medical care in the UK is fantastic, despite our moans, the NHS is amazing really.
Sometimes you need to take a few days out to recooperate, and thats ok!!

So, thats a bit of a random blog, but its been a bit of a random month in DR world!!

Im looking forward to my friend Caroline's visit later this month - shes coming for two weeks and hopefully will be able to help teach the staff at the special needs orphanages some basic physio that they can do with the children to help improve their quality of lfie a little.

ALso looking forward to Bob and Alison coming out for 3 months to work with me in leading the bigger summer teams for Mission Direct. It will be good to have a team of leaders working together, and supporting each other ;)

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