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Thursday, 12 December 2013

DIstance Makes the Heart...?

Distance makes the heart….what?
It’s funny how distance makes things seem rosier isn’t it! Often when Im in the DR I have fond memories of England. I contemplate England’s beauty, lovely people, fantastic food and characterful pubs. However, once I’m here I’m conscious of grey skies, dark mornings, dark evenings and not very many views to take in! Added to that the mad frenzied look in people’s eyes as they enter the Christmas Season… insane panic shopping, millions of parties, carol services, mince pies and general hectic business which seems to overwhelm the nation from mid November (when I arrive…) through to Dec 27th!
Then when Im in England I think about the DR and miss it’s sunshine, forgetting how horrendous the humidity and heat can be mid summer and how I used to dream of needing a duvet and hoody again! I pine away for the DR’s beaches (which I honestly hardly ever go too.) I miss the lovely supermarket and the friendly people who like to chat to me wherever I go. I forget that I have to speak Spanish there, I forget that sometimes I get weary of the repetitive conversations about my marital status and lack of children… I forget that actually its quite nice to be unnoticed sometimes.
Anyway, I have come to realize that no matter where in the world there will always be things that I miss, things that I don’t, people that I miss and people that I need a little break from! Being colourblind, I cant see pink but I definitely have the ability to see the world through rose tinted glasses! Or maybe the grass is always greener… don’t ask me, Im colourblind!
 Its strange to feel homesick for a country that has become home but isn’t your original home! It’s nice though, to feel like Im looking forward to being back on the Island that God has drawn me too. To be fair, I don’t really get homesick for anywhere, I just have moments of missing a person who happens to be 6000 miles from where I am.
That being said, I am having a nice time in England. I spent the first few weeks travelling around a bit and speaking at different churches and groups – talking about the work of Mission Direct and the work Im doing in Esperanza Village. People have been so kind to me, and Ive been amazed at how many little ‘coincidental’ meetings there have been with other people who have links to the Dominican too.
People have shown such interest in the work that God is leading in the DR, and it amazes me time and time again when people donate towards the work, or want to pray for me and the work. I have been moved many times by people’s interest and heart for people they have never met but are family with – God’s family is massive! Elderly people who want to take information to pray for young families in Esperanza – knowing that their prayers are so important. Its just been amazing to see my two worlds come together through the love and compassion of people willing to pray. Very humbling to be a part of.

Anyways, its nearly Christmas, Im looking forward to spending some time with my family before I hop back over to the DR in early January. Looking forward to being back there, to being told how white I am again and constantly being asked if I am ill… ‘no, we just don’t have the sunshine in England’ is my usual response. Almost true….

I hope and pray that 2013 has been a year where you and I have learnt new things to take with us into 2014. I pray that God will continue to teach, shape and mould us all as we try to love and serve Him and those around us. I hope that 2014 is a year where we all draw closer to God and learn more about Him and His heart for the world around us. I am just full of hope for the year and years to come. No one knows what the next year will bring, and that can be really scarey, but with those rose tinted glasses and a little faith in a great God, I know that whatever may come it will be an adventure!