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Monday, 15 April 2013

Easter Is Over

Hey World, how are you all?!
Its been a little while! Ive been leading a mission team for the last 2 weeks. We had a team of 10 people, aged 7-73, from all over the UK and USA. The team bonded well and got stuck in with all of the building work and projects really well. There wasnt much moaning...!! Probably more moaning from me than from anyone else actually!!

The team did a good job, and we almost managed without a hospital trip...but sadly no. The penultimate day saw us head off to check out one team members allergic reaction which had caused her face and arms to swell pretty seriously. Few injections later and we were off again though ;)

There are lots of things I could write about, but I think the thing that spoke to ME the most this two weeks was the need to put God first and the relationship with Him which needs to be jealously guarded sometimes. In our team quiet times we kept coming back to the need to focus on Jesus - which sounds so obvious, but sometimes it is really easy to get so caught up in doing good things, or even in serving in missions, that you kind of side step the very reason that your doing the good things in the first place. Does that make sense? I fear it does!! Somw of the team were talking about wanting to come back and be in the Dominican for longer - and maybe that is the right thing for them - but what we all kept being led back too was the face that our emotions need to be treated with caution! God can and does use our emotions, but sometimes when we follow our emotions we just get carried away with things, and actually we need to slow down and take a step back and just wait on God. Thats what we talked about anyways ;)

We also did the Harlem Shake - go to you tube and type in Harlem Shake dom rep  It makes me laugh every time ;)

x thanks for reading x