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Villa Esperanza

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dedication Day

These photos were taken yesterday at Esperanza Village dedication day.
I first came to the DR in July 2009 and spent 2 weeks helping to build 3 homes in this village. Those homes were number 10, 11 & 12. At that time, the villagers were living in tin shacks, with wood, oil drums and rubbish bags as their building materials. Most of their floors were mud.

Yesterday, we celebrated over 4 years of hard work, resulting in the whole original village now having a proper home, made of brick with zinc roofs. These homes are built by The Samaritan Foundation, in partnership with Mission DIrect and many many churches, organisations and individuals across the world. Each home has a sponsor  the Samaritan Foundation doesnt have money to pay for homes, clinics, schools or churches unless individulas donate and sponsor them.

Esperanza is still a struggling community, but yesterday we stood together and celebrated God's goodness in being able to build 260 homes there. Thank you to everyone that has been here on a trip or sent money or supported me or helped in any way with the construction of the homes, school, clinic, church and shops in this community. Your love in action has helped to show this community that they are not forgotten and that the world knows about them and cares for them.

The physical building work is done, but there is so much we can still do to help this community. FOr many of the people they dont have any legal identification - wothout which they have no rights. We had 7 people from the village taken to Haiti last week by the immigration police. These people werent doing anything criminal and all of them were even born in the DR. They need our help to join together with them and get legal papers - birth certificates, passports and visas, to enable them to live and work here in the DR.

If anyone is able to help with any financial gifts, please email me at
If you are able to pray for this massive project then please do, please join with me in asking God to make a way for these beautiful people to have a different future.

Thank you so much for reading and for celebrating the successes with me!!!


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  1. WOW! You saw a whole village through from building one of the first houses there to now working and helping there nearly all the time!!! HOW INCREDIBLE! You really are an inspiration to me! :D